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We use MailScanner on our servers for screening email. You can control how MailScanner works on your domain's email by logging in to your Cpanel, and clicking on the MailScanner icon in the Mail section.

MailScanner uses various criteria to determine if email should be considered "spam". Based on those crteria it scores the email as not spam or 2 levels of spam depending on the score. If MailScanner finds an email crosses a certaion threshhold score it rewrites the subject line add notation in {}.

MailScanner by default will not delete, filter or forward SPAM out of ones inbox. All SPAM is delivered to the inbox and is labeled as one of the following:
SPAM scores of 5-9 = {Spam?}
SPAM scores of 10+ = {Definitely Spam?}
The settings above are default and can be adjusted on a per domain basis.

Once the email has been identified as SPAM you can configure one of 4 different options. 3 options are listed within the MailScanner Configuration section of your cPanel account and are as follows:

    1) Deliver – This is the default and will deliver email to the inbox as noted above.
    2) Delete – Deletes the email permanently.
    3) Forward to – This option allows you to forward all spam for every email account under the domain to a default email address. You would need to create an email account called in cPanel in order to login and retrieve any emails that are SPAM or mistakenly marked as SPAM.

Option 4 would be to filter out emails that are marked as SPAM to a specified folder. To do so you would need to log into cPanel account -> User Level Filtering -> Select ‘Manage Filters’ for the specified email account. From here you would click on ‘Create a New Filter’ -> Enter a name for the filter -> Under ‘Rules’ select ‘Subject’ in the drop down menu, then select ‘matches regex’, in the blank box below enter in the following:
^\{Spam\?\}|^\{Definitely Spam\?\}
Then for actions you may set ‘Deliver to folder’ then browse to the folder you wish to direct the SPAM emails to.

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